About TILE Financial

Based on experience with young adults and the financial services industry, we identified:

  • A gap between the next generation and parents. Parents find it difficult to teach young adults about the responsibility and benefits of wealth. Young adults want to take control of their financial lives but have limited ways to learn, build knowledge and gain independence.
  • A gap between financial institutions and the next generation of investors. Wealth managers have limited connection, if any, to the young adults who will inherit approximately $1.5 trillion in assets in the next 10 to 15 years.

TILE, The Investing Learning Environment, was founded at the intersection of financial institutions, parents, and the next generation of high net worth investors to help bridge these gaps.

Focused on young adults between the ages of 15 and 25, Spend Grow Give helps:

  • financial institutions develop a relationship with the next generation of investors
  • parents teach young adults about the responsibility and benefits of wealth
  • young adults develop their own financial identities focused on SPENDING, GROWING and GIVING their money
  • business partners reach a highly attractive demographic

Utilizing Spend Grow Give, TILE provides a voice to the community of high net worth young adults with the potential in the next five years to lead to more than $500 million in charitable contributions, $2 billion in savings and investments and nearly $6.0 billion in spending. For more information, visit our FAQ.

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